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Training and Development  of human resources have been  practiced since early 1900s.

Drastic changes in the way of practices, methodologies, funding and incentive mechanism have influenced how training and development delivered.

Recent Industry reports suggest that differentiation on the basis of the skills, knowledge, and motivation of their workforce takes on increasing importance.

This where NYC Leadership Training and Development play a vital role in ensuring your organization able  to compete in the global economy.

“Training” refers to a systematic approach to learning and development to improve individual, team, and organizational effectiveness .

Alternatively, development refers to activities leading to the acquisition of new knowledge or skills for purposes of personal growth.

We should take the point of view that training leads to important benefits for individuals and teams, organizations, and society.

A latest studies suggest that these benefits range from individual and team performance to the economic prosperity of a nation.

The organizations that are able to realize the benefits of training and development are able to move away from viewing the training function as an operational function or cost center to one that is value driven.

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Benefits of Training and Developments

A Globally known  consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers has cut costs in many areas, but increased its investment in employee training to about $120 million per year. Another leading consulting firm, believes in developing workers as a long-term competitive advantage and manages its learning functions as revenue centers.

Training for the sake of training and development, an approach that focuses on developmental ideals and supportive organizational environments, is not aligned with today’s business realities, including compressed career progression pathways, budgetary cuts and constraints, highly competitive environments, and market-driven economic philosophies.

 Many studies reviewed b  NYC Leadership Training and Development Malaysia support for the benefits of training for organizations as a whole. These benefits includes:

  1. improved organizational performance (e.g., profitability, effectiveness, productivity, operating revenue per employee)
  2. other outcomes that relate directly (e.g., reduced costs, improved quality and quantity) or indirectly (e.g., employee turnover, organization’s reputation, social capital) to performance.
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