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In a nutshell…

Discover What Brand Marketing Really Is,Tools To Develop Your Brand, How To Create Your Branding Campaign, Strategies For Branding, and How To Exploit Brands For Growth On This Brand Training.

The Key Outlines

■ Introduction
■ Facts about TM New Employment Strategy
■ What is Employment Branding
■ Key Success Stories
■ Representing Your Brand
■ Customer Service
■ Understanding TM’s USP
■ How Do You Contribute?
■ Conclusion with Q&A

The Trainer – Prasath Kanagaras

What is Employment Branding?

■ Interviewing Strategy
■ Hiring Process Through Social Media
■ Value Propositions
■ Top 5 International Companies

Key Success Stories

This is to share three (3) key success stories that employees have played vital role in organizations success.

Expressing the value of team work, productive timelines and more importantly,  very committed and loyal working relationships.

Representing Your Brand

■ Measuring Job Satisfaction Rate
■ Why TM?
■ Your Key Employee Strength?
■ How to Contribute more to your Brand?


DID YOU KNOW?        Engaged Employees Build Strong Brands

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