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Truly, Matt did the HRDF Training for FREE!

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HRDF Training Free at Melaka Hotel

Truly, Matt did the HRDF Training for FREE!

On the 26th September 2017 Straits Hotel & Suites Melaka had experienced a mind-blowing HRDF quality training held at their venue. It was a training to be remembered and worth to attend to. A testimony from the participants. Each participant by now truly cares about their customers, their colleagues, and their surroundings.

The participants were amazing & I learned a lot from their experience and insights too. The subject-matter is timely, relevant and presents an important and necessary way of looking at each other especially the customers.

As an HRDF certified trainer, I (like all my colleagues) love to teach. Nothing beats the buzz you get from spending a few days working with a bunch of inquisitive and enthusiastic audiences, then sending them home with the tools they need to do their jobs and enhance their careers.

So how do we the trainers get the skills and technical knowledge to deliver such a training experience to our customers, partners, and fellow employees? Especially as a trainer is such a huge product, encompassing a number of different ideas. It’s one of those things where the more you know—the more you realize there is to learn.

Self-study is great, and there are many options for that, but nothing really beats learning from a real live expert, so the opportunity for me to facilitate one of our company introductory training via complimentary classroom training with deep touched of the subject was too good to be miss.

It’s an odd feeling being on the “delivering” end in a classroom. You notice lots of things you wouldn’t necessarily be aware of (or worry about) standing up front: Is the chair comfy? Is the room clean and tidy? Does the equipment work fast and reliably? Am I being blasted by the air conditioning? Will the sweets drawer ever run out? (It didn’t!). Some of these may seem trivial, but when you’re sitting there for up to five days, what may be bearable for a day can be intolerable after a week.

Then there’s the learning itself. As a HRDF certified trainer, you’re not just learning the technical stuff━you’re learning the delivery too. It’s always great to watch other trainers deliver training. Everyone has their own style, based largely on their previous experience, and I for one shamelessly steal anything that I think will make me a more effective trainer. For example, some trainer had some novel demos that helped untangle some particularly hard to understand concepts━those ideas have definitely gone into my kit bag!

I guess it shouldn’t really be a surprise that you also learn from your fellow participants. Either from the questions they ask or just from chatting to them over coffee or lunch. In fact, I really believe that almost every classroom training I have ever delivered has always been a two-way learning experience, from trainer to participants (of course), but also back the other way. This classroom training was no exception.

Finally, did this experience help me to quickly acquire the technical knowledge I need to deliver this training myself? Yes, it did. Did this experience enhance my trainer skills? Yes, it did. Did I eat too much chocolate? Sadly, yes I did!

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