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Mohd Taib @ Matt is one of the most sought after Trainers in the region whose career spans over 20 years in the Hospitality Industry specialising in Food & Beverages and Culinary Arts.

In 2007, he was offered by Genting INTI College  to be the Head of F&B Division.

He has also during this time brought Genting INTI College to various National competitions like Battle of The Chefs, Barista Competition and Culinary programs and as judge for Cambodia Hotel & Restaurant Exhibition by Ministry of Tourism Cambodia Hotel Association.


In 2011 he was awarded Nestle Milano Coach Award for successfully leading Inti College to become Champions of the National Nestle Milano Coffee Barista Competition held at Taylors Lakeside Campus which was recognised by Chef Association Malaysia (CAM) & Malaysia Food & Beverage Executive Association (MFBEA). He is still an active member with both the association.

In 2011 he joined Marry Brown as its Chief Training Officer for Theme Park, Genting outlet.

In 2014 he joined Domino’s Pizza as Country Training Executive for New Managers Programs nationwide including Warehouse Management, Call Centre Management, Service Excellence and Delivery Improvement process.

In 2017 he was offered to Head the Learning & Development Department for NYC Leadership Training & Development Sdn. Bhd. a Certified HRDF Training Centre with the Human Resource Ministry on Programs from Certificates to Diploma in Front Office Management &  Certificates and Diploma in Food & Beverages as well.

Mohd Taib holds a Diploma in Hotel Management (Distinction) from Taylors College and is currently pursuing his MBA.

He is a certified HRDF Trainer and Certified NDTS Trainer with the Centre for Instructor & Advanced Skill Training (CIAST) for SLDN programs. He also holds a Teaching permit with the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

He is also the Training Director for NYC Leadership Training & Development Sdn Bhd a HRDF Certified Training Centre and also Head of Hotel Management Training for Pusat Bertauliah SLDN.

Matt can be followed via his blogspot  and via Linkedin 

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